Holy Week Schedule

Holy Week Schedule 2023-April 9-16

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday                     6 pm-Bridegroom Matins

Wednesday                                              6 pm-Holy Unction

Thursday                                       9 am-Last Supper Divine Liturgy

6 pm-12 Gospel readings + Cross Procession

Friday                           10 am-women of the parish decorate the bier/tomb of Christ

3 pm-Taking Christ Down From The Cross

7 pm-Lamentations Service

Saturday           10 am-dye Pascha eggs

6 pm-Divine Liturgy-Announcement of Resurrection, changing of colors

Sunday                8am-Paschal Matins and Divine Liturgy of the Resurrection; blessing of baskets, meat, eggs, and cheese    Bring food to share in your basket

12 Noon-Agape Vespers-Reading of the Gospel in many languages, sign up sheet on bulletin board