Holy Week Schedule

Holy Week Schedule

Holy Week Schedule

Palm Sunday                       5 pm  Bridegroom Matins

Holy Monday                      5 pm Bridegroom Matins

Holy Tuesday                     5 pm  Bridegroom Matins

Holy Wednesday                5 pm Holy Unction

Holy Thursday                    9 am   Divine Liturgy-Last Supper

3-6 pm          Pascha Bake Sale

Holy Friday                          3 pm  Taking Down From the Cross

7 pm Lamentations

Holy Saturday                     9 am   Vesperal Liturgy of St. Basil- Christ in Hades

11:30 pm      Midnight Service (Nocturn)

12 pm            Paschal Divine Liturgy-followed by the

Blessing of the Paschal Baskets and Fast Breaking Agape Feast

Bright and Holy Pascha    12 Noon        Agape Vespers

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