• Valaam Abbot Answers Questions

    Valaam Abbot Answers Questions

    Bishop Pankraty of Troitsa: Repentance Does Not Take Place Only At Confession
  • St. Paisius and the Prayer Rope

    St. Paisius and the Prayer Rope

    – Elder, what meaning does the prayer rope (komboschoini) have?  prayer rope
  • Contemporary Orthodox Elders

    Contemporary Orthodox Elders

    Patristic Nectar Publications is pleased to present a seven part lecture series entitled Contemporary Orthodox Elders. This series by Father Josiah seeks to...
  • Monthly Bake Sale

    Mark your calendars because each third Friday of each month, when you can purchase these ethnic delicacies from 12-2 pm.

    Bake Sale
    Pierogies - Potato or Cabbage
    Holupki (Stuffed Cabbage Rolls)
    Nut, Poppyseed and Apricot Rolls
    Homemade Bread

    For more info, call Rosalie at 941-445-5133 or via email Marie at mariemaruskin@gmail.com.

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