Instructions About Church Services

In obedience to the request of our Archbishop, only the Sunday Divine Liturgy, the Vesperal Liturgy of the Feast of Annunciation, and the Presanctified Liturgies, will remain on our parish calendars through March 29. This implies, clearly, that no other gathering or service of any sort will take place on the parish property. Please modify your online/parish calendars accordingly.
The liturgies that will be offered will be served with a minimum number of participants: only the priest (and deacon), reader, altar server, two chanters (choir members), and a greeter. All parishioners who are not on this “crew” (previously appointed by mutual agreement) should remain home.
This means that Fr. Stephen, Deacon James, Reader Ignatius (Jeff), one or two choir members, and a greeter should come on Sunday and Wednesday.
All the rest should prayerfully stay home, offering supplications for the health of our parish and the community at large.