Attending Services

Rules of Conduct in Virus

If you are sick, stay home.

Please wash or sanitize your hands when you arrive.

Please leave any donations in the offering basket, they also may be mailed.

Please put on a mask, when you are less than 6 ft. away from another person not from your home. Please remember to always maintain 6 ft. between people or wear a mask.

We can still bow to icons, but don’t kiss them. We do sanitize before each service.

To receive communion tilt your head back, open your mouth wide and allow the priest to drop it in your mouth. Try to not touch the spoon at all.

Please do not touch the cloth or chalice.

No blessed bread will be distributed until the end, in an individual cup.

When speaking with people following the services, maintain social distancing and/or wear a mask and limit your time together.