Church Budget and Expansion Report

In the month of January we had some one-time expenses, for insurances (wind and liability) and architect costs for the expansion project. These totaled $2328.94. This brought our total monthly expenses for the month to $6705.52. Our total month income was $5510.00. This leaves a deficit for the month of $1195.52.

On average we need income of $8300.00 per month. Our average monthly expenses are $7900.

All money collected for the expansion fund are separate from the monthly steward-ship or pledges to the church. Do not stop giving to the church to pay for the expansion. These must be kept separate in our minds so that the monthly bills will continue to be paid and so that we continue to collect the money needed for the expansion.

Nearly $1000.00 was collected on Sunday at the celebration of George and Arelia Jacobs and was put into the Expansion Fund. 

We also received an additional donation of $10,000.00 for the Expansion Fund!! Thanks be to God!

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