Christian Persecution

Every 5 minutes one Christian is killed in the world, every year – 105 thousand. There are 200 million brutally persecuted followers of Christ, in over 70 countries of the world the right for religious freedom is breached, and 350 million of the Christians are subjected to various forms of discrimination – the report is alarming.
Persecuted and forgotten’ describes a situation in a dozen countries. It draws a particular attention to the difficult situation of the Christians in Syrian and the countries of the so-called Arabian spring, but it also devotes much attention to China, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam.
In these countries persecutions of the Christians take place in various, sometimes sophisticated ways. In China where they are 9 percent of the society, in the recent time, more cases of breaching religious freedom were registered than so far.
The number of arrests grew, among the others of: the Christians, the Muslims, the Buddhists and defenders of human rights. Arrested priests of the underground Catholic Church, not acknowledged by the authorities, are beaten, tortured and forced to joining the Church which is official, controlled by the state.
One of the causes of the persecutions are, in the opinion of the authors of the report, fears of the Chinese government that the universal social discontent may lead to public pronouncements similar to those which cause the collapse of the regimes in Arabic countries.
The Middle East became a very difficult place to survive for the Christians. During the last 30 years, half of Christ’s followers living there, left this region. In Iraq, 1.5 million of the Christians lived 10 years ago, whereas there are only 300 thousand of them now –said Fr. Dr. Andrzej Halemba, the chief of the department for the Middle East of the organization Help to the Church in Need.

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