Two Blind Men

Two Blind Men

The Blind Man-John 9   May 25, 2014blindman

Two Blind Men

There is more than one kind of blindness.

In the Gospel today we hear of the man born blind who is healed by Jesus, receives his sight and then sees Jesus and worships Him.

In Acts 9 we read about Saul who had physical sight/vision, but he could see only the physical world.

In verse 18, after having lost his physical vision and gaining spiritual sight, something like scales fall from his eyes and he can see.

Jesus heals two different men, with two different vision problems and we learn that there is more than one way of seeing.

“To him who has eyes to see, let him see.”


The blind man is instantly thankful and believes in the Messiah.

Saul is also immediately transformed and believes in the Messiah, he goes from trying to destroy the Church to being an advancer of the Church.

As Christians we believe that there is an unseen world, that we are engaged in unseen warfare, we believe that we see differently than other people about many things. We have a different world view.

We also know that we have some blind spots. Areas where we don’t see very well, or where we choose not to see, so that we won’t have to change.

Today I want to look a little closer at two questions that arise in the story of Saul becoming Paul.

There are these two questions: 1. Who are you? 2. What do you want me to do?

Acts 9:4, 6

  1. Who are you? Each person is confronted with this question at one time or another. Who is Jesus? What think ye of the Christ? Who do people say that I am? Jesus is not going away and we are confronted with His Divinity, His claims to be God, His claims on us as His creation. Those who like Saul believe and embrace the claims of Christ become Christians and obey Him, follow Him, die for Him. We then become His slaves, His servants, joyfully doing all that He asks us to do. Which leads us to the second question.
  2. What do you want me to do? When someone has his vision restored and realizes that Jesus is the Christ the Son of the Living God, his life is never the same, he goes from being Saul to being Paul. The blind man in the Gospel reading today was the same, not just because he received physical sight, but because He saw Truly and followed the Master.

Each one of us must always face these two questions, maybe to be reminded of our baptism. Maybe to be reminded that the one we call Lord, is indeed God. And because He is God, we owe Him everything.

So how about you? Have you asked these two questions lately within yourself? Maybe today is a good day to ask them as Saul did, so that we might become Pauls.

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