Be The Bee

Be The Bee
Looking only for the good in others

The Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain said there are two types of people. There are the bees and the flies. The bees are attracted to flowers and sweet smells, whereas the flies are only attracted to dirt and stench. Ask a bee where there is stench, and he will say “what is stench”. Ask a fly, where is the sweet smell, and he will say “what sweet smell?” The bee knows only sweetness and good, whereas the fly knows only stench and filth.

We must decide whether we will be a bee, or a fly. Do look only for the stench and the dirt, or do we look only for the good in others, and see the stench only in ourselves. Are we quick to point the faults in others? Do we make comments in a negative way about others?

The holy ones teach us to be like the bee and see the good. Be the bee!


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